Thursday at Comic-Con: Part 3

Okay, folks.

I'm just going to dump a lot of pics now. All this typing and stuff is taking forever. I'll only editorialize where it is absolutely necessary. Also, remember to check out page 1 and page 2.

Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series.

Girl dressed as Link
This girl makes a great Link. This is because Link totally looks like a chick.

Manga Chick
I don't know who this girl is supposed to be, but she was about 5 places ahead of us in line, so I snapped a picture. Anyone know who she is? Tiny Librarian says "She's some kinda goth loli thing." That's of limited help.

Mary Winstead
Apparently this Mary Winstead chick is famous. She's not famous to me, because she wouldn't look up no matter how nicely I asked her to. And who the eff is that guy?

Some medieval dude
Not sure who this guy is supposed to be, either. Maybe just another off-season Ren-Fairist.

Papa Smurph
The guy what run tings. Listen up, suckas.

Poison Ivy cosplay girl
One cool thing about Comic-Con is that all you need to do to get someone's attention is to yell out their character's name. I just said "Ivy, can I get a picture?" All day long I was just yelling out character names and they'd instantly snap around and pose. Crazy!

Power Rangers
Go-go Powa' Rangas . . .

Raina Telgemeier
Tiny Librarian to author Raina Telgemeier: "I loved your book, Smile. But, everytime I see you now, I want to see your teeth."

Pure class. That's why I love her.

Another counter-protestor. I had to look this guy up. He's from "Repo, the Genetic Opera." A lot of people were really into him, but I'd never heard of him. Oh well.

Riddler and Scarecrow
Two of Gotham's finest: Riddler and Scarecrow

Shark Tattoo
Just some girl with a giant Shark tattoo on her back. Pretty sweet, right? I know.

Skull Beanie
I liked this hat. You're welcome.

Super Chicken Nugget Boy
We saw this guy approaching and I kept asking TL: Hey, what's that big potato thing. She said: I think he's a peanut.

The truth is that he's Super Chicken Nugget Boy.

Honey Senpai
Tiny Librarian meeting one of her heroes, Honey Senpai from Ouran High School Host Club, a children's series about a bunch of male geishas.

Tiny L with a Naruto sculpture. Naruto is always really popular at the Con and has been for years.

Brian Lee O'Malley
Tiny with Scott Pilgrim creator Brian Lee O'Malley. For some reason he's trying to stand as far away from her as possible.

Tiny Librarian
I assume she's been watching too many Lady Gaga videos, because here is the lovely Tiny Librarian covering up one eye.

Tony Stark
A pretty cool Tony Stark. He looks like a total dick, which makes him a perfect Tony Stark, but he was actually a very nice guy.

Darth Vader
Tiny Librarian mouthed off to Lord Vader. I think she called him "Jeff" or something, and so here he is torturing her.

Walking the dog
I saw a local walking his dog. I like this dog. He's holding a miniature tire.

Yoda Backpack
I love Yoda backpacks. They remind me of the months I spent on Dagobah, carrying him around.

Vampire Knight Zero
Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight

Zuko and Katara
Not just Zuko and Katara. This is mutha-effin' Tea-Shop Zuko and Katara. Katara even put in the effort to wear blue contacts! These two were super-nice.

Okay, fantastic. Finally done with Thursday pics. I think I'm going to take fewer today, because these updates are freakin' exhausting!